Crankset Group business advisory services supports organizations embracing Distributed Decision-making that engages everyone at every level, replacing traditional top-down Factory System management. Founder Chuck Blakeman has built thirteen businesses in nine industries on four continents, and wrote the #1 Business Book of 2014 and other bestsellers. He leads a team of experienced business advisors who advise companies on Mission-based leadership, building Distributed Decision-making (DDM) teams, turning managers into true leaders, and exponentially increasing growth and profitability.

The Twelve Tools of Distributed Decision-making used by our advisors work with companies of every size and industry. There are thousands of organizations in every industry who have left behind the worn Factory System organizational pyramid and embraced the Participation Age. By utilizing our business advisory services and the Twelve Tools of Distributed Decision-making, these companies rank among the most profitable, fastest growing companies in the world, and are annually ranked as the best places to work in their industry. We can show you how to join them.

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