Culture is a reflection of how we organize. Organizational design is the operating system on which we build everything else. Most organizations are still using an operating system dominate in the factories of the early 1900s, designed to reflect power, authority, command and control. 97% of ten thousand companies polled said it was a high priority to replace top-down hierarchy with a network of Distributed Decision-making (DDM) teams. We begin our process by reviewing your organization design and the culture it reflects.

We have identified Twelve Tools of Distributed Decision-making that help a company transition seamlessly to a DDM Teams model, with immediate gains in productivity, profit, and growth. Some of these tools are already strongly present in your company and others will need attention. We will create a clear Path of Action to becoming a Participation Age organization.

The Path of Action is the game plan. It is a detailed, step-by-step document designed specifically for your unique organization, including benchmarks, short and long-term goals, and metrics to guide you in a seamless transition from traditional Factory System management to a twenty-first century Participation Age operating system.

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