The Industrial Age is over, but its dehumanizing culture and business practices still dominate the front office. Worn out and antagonistic Factory System concepts like manager and employee, trading time for money, power-based titles, and top-down decision-making still plague the business world and suppress growth, profitability, productivity, and retention.

Twenty-first century companies of every size are leaving behind the outdated management practices of the Industrial Age Factory System of management, and are embracing Distributed Decision-making (DDM) Teams the invite everyone to participate, with:

  • 100% participation in decision-making
  • Results-based incentives for everyone
  • Team-based, Mission-focused organization
  • Participatory Leadership

Is it possible this way of doing business could work better, for both the company and the people who work there? This isn’t a fringe, new, or untested idea. Those who embrace the Participation Age will thrive, and those who don’t will be left behind.

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